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Cultural Exchange to Japan 2005


50 kg - Karlson Miller, Oak Harbor HS, Oak Harbor
55 kg - Rob Nagel, Arlington HS, Arlington
60 kg - Matt Johnson, Auburn HS, Auburn
66 kg - Zach Byers, Arlington HS, Arlington
66 kg - Zack Brissey, Ephrata HS, Ephrata
74 kg - Keith Schlecht, Emerald Ridge HS, Puyallup
74 kg - Ryan Burgess, Lakeside HS, Spokane
74/84 kg - Jon Millard, Lakeside HS, Spokane
84 kg - Evan White, Southridge HS, Kennewick
96 kg (90) - Cody Bradshaw, Hanford HS, Hanford

Jim Meyerhoff, Emerald Ridge HS, Puyallup
Dave Brown, Southridge HS, Kennewick
Troy Hughes, Lakeside HS, Spokane


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