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Joe Babbitt Contributors Award Recipients
Last Updated on 7/31/2006


Mat Classic Team Scoreboard Coordinators
Honored in 2005

Dave Balkwill
Diane Beauchamp
Venne Beauchamp


During the infancy of Mat Classic One and Two in 1989 and 1990, Rick Iversen, the wrestling coach at Marysville-Pilchuck High School felt there needed to be a better way to display team scores at the state wrestling championships.

Rick approached Dave Balkwill, who at the time was a Marysville community member and announcer for the high school wrestling matches. Dave also worked for a sign company. With Rick’s vision and Dave’s expertise, and the support of the sign company, the current system of display boards for the team scores at Mat Classic was developed and has become an annual part of the state championships starting with Mat Classic III in 1991.

Another wrestling family, Diane and Venne Beauchamp joined Dave to help make the project a success, and have assisted with the team scoreboards in each of the past fifteen (15) state wrestling tournaments. As the Mat Classic grew with new classifications and formats, the scoreboard crew continued to expand and adapt the scoreboards. The group has continued to involve other family members and other wrestling families over the years in the scoreboard project. But these three people were the backbone of the project and are deserving recipients of the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association Contributor’s Award.



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